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Save Your Ears (& thank me later!)

We are seeing more and more people in the food/beverage and entertainment industry with noise-induced hearing loss due to daily exposure to noise at their events. Here are some tips to keep hearing aids at bay.

1. Be smart and cover up those ears! These are your ears for life and you will need them in order to continue working.
2. Annual hearing exams will let you know how fast your work is affecting you.

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Fun-Fact Friday: “Ear Worms”

Ear worms… you know those catchy tunes that keep playing in your head long after the music stops? Why do some songs get stuck in our heads more than others? Studies show that songs labeled as Ear Worms (compared to songs that didn’t take off) have certain common traits, such as a fast tempo, a common melodic shape, and unexpected leaps in the song.

Just goes to show that our brains are rigged to prefer some sounds over others. In our practice, we try to figure out what your brain likes to hear and customize your hearing solution accordingly 🙂