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T is for Tinnitus

Do you have ringing, buzzing, roaring, whooshing or any other unwanted sounds in the ear? More teenagers than ever are experiencing persistent tinnitus, which is a common sign of damage to the ear and typically affects people over age 50. It can be an warning sign of oncoming hearing loss, or it may signal a hearing loss already present.

Loud music is notorious for causing this upsurge in tinnitus and headaches among younger folks, with musicians particularly at risk. Although it can be managed, there is no real cure for tinnitus.

This condition is largely preventable through safe listening habits. Just ask Chris Martin of Coldplay who battles with tinnitus, and is now meticulous about wearing hearing protection during concerts in which he performs or attends:

“Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don’t think about until there’s a problem. I wish I’d thought about it earlier.”

If you are experiencing persistent tinnitus, please see your audiologist to assess the health of your ears and hearing, and to discuss possible options for prevention and management.


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Infant Hearing Matters

This little guy has some Yanni concerts to attend… so he rocks his BabyBanz of course!

To quote his mom Yehudith Gellis-Sandorfy,

“These Baby Buds are a necessity for weddings, concerts and wherever there is loud music and noise pollution. We do our best to take care of our babies and then unfortunately we forget when we are at the wedding, concert etc. that our babies ears are not protected. We picked up our set from Dr. Hadassah Kupfer in Flatbush. FYI, she sells for much less than online…Save your baby’s hearing! You also get lots of high fives from people who think you are an awesome parent for doing this.”

Great going, Mom! For your convenience, we carry BabyBanz in a variety of sizes and colors, so that your baby can enjoy loud events in safety, comfort and style. Call us anytime at 917-791-1510 for more information or to order.