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S is for the World’s Smallest

Come see it for yourself! We want you to feel confident not only in your hearing abilities, but also in your appearance. This is why we offer the most discreet devices at no additional expense to you. The latest hearing aid from Unitron is packed with features and flavor, and not much bigger than that blueberry. Sweet!!

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Make America Great Again

Congratulations to the President Elect! Our top-notch audiology care and array of solutions will trump your expectations. Hear ye!

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Baseball Lessons on Hearing Well

“As soon as I hear the sound of the bat, I know where the ball is going” -Melvin Mora, Baltimore Orioles
It’s known that baseball players rely on the sound of the bat as it connects with the ball to guide their instincts on whether to race out or run in.
With normal hearing, we do this every day without realizing: we rely on fine cues in the sound around us to orient ourselves in space, turning to the direction of the important conversation, or moving away from something dangerous that is approaching.
This ability to “localize” is just another way that good hearing allows us to interact with the world around us. Now, grab your hearing protection for the game and batter up! 🙂 
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R is for Relationships

Isn’t that what life’s all about? Hearing our family, friends, workmates, doctors, friendly passersby and even our pets… without these connections, it is very difficult to function. When communicating with your loved one becomes a hassle because you need to strain your voice to speak loudly, or they swear they heard one thing when you know you said something else… it might be time to have an earnest conversation with them about their hearing health. By taking steps to manage hearing loss in its early stages, it is possible to ward off the downstream negative effects that unfortunately are all too common. Healthy hearing makes for healthy aging!


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Q is for Quiet

You might take the sounds around you for granted, but the world is a very quiet place for some people. When they re-hear the sound of a baby’s laugh… the birds chirping… the calming spray of a water fountain… or even the elevator chime once again, for the first time in years- the smile that comes upon their face is priceless. It is incredible to witness the joy of regaining “the small things” in life!

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P is for Pregnancy & Beyond

Calling all ladies! There are certain hearing losses that are more prevalent among women, due to all those hormonal fluctuations over the course of our menstrual cycles, pregnancies and menopause. This Pinktober, let’s support breast cancer awareness by not overlooking ANY aspect of our health. Women’s bodies are truly amazing and deserve the “royal treatment” in medical attention!