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“Y” is for Youth

Oh, to be young! Many people shy away from treating a hearing loss because it feels like they are resigning to old age. Ladies and gentlemen, this thinking could not be more wrong. When you pay attention to those people who take care of their hearing versus those who let it go unchecked– the former are often the ones who are living healthier, active, and more “youthful” lives. When I spot a person wearing a well-fit pair of hearing aids, I am IMPRESSED. The statement it makes is that this person (or who someone who cares about them) is proactive about their health and living life without limitations. And that is surely a symbol of youth.


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S is for the World’s Smallest

Come see it for yourself! We want you to feel confident not only in your hearing abilities, but also in your appearance. This is why we offer the most discreet devices at no additional expense to you. The latest hearing aid from Unitron is packed with features and flavor, and not much bigger than that blueberry. Sweet!!

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N is also for: New Technology

Did you know that when you put the phone up to your ear, the hearing aid can give a fuller, clearer sound by automatically sending the sound into your other ear as well? Have you heard about the hearing aid that connects to the internet and alerts you to the GPS coordinates of where you lost it? What about the almost invisible, sleek appearance of today’s hearing aids that causes you to miss about 75% of wearers on the street?

These are NOT the old clunky, whistling hearing aids that you remember.

From speech clarity, to music, to rechargeable batteries, there are so many new customizable features to hearing systems. Dr. Kupfer regularly attends conferences by the leading manufacturers to learn and test drive the latest trends and offerings in hearing research. With this knowledge in mind, she is able to select the perfect technology to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Starkey Regional Summit, 9/27/2016