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V is for Vestibular System

Imagine it’s completely dark… how can you tell you’re walking down the steps? What about when you sink into the backseat of an Uber at the end of the day and close your eyes… how can you tell that the car is moving? This is your vestibular system.

The hearing and vestibular (balance) systems are housed together in the inner ear, and they communicate with the brain via two branches of the same nerve. This explains why individuals with hearing loss may also experience loss of balance, and why people who experience imbalance should also have their hearing checked.

If you have vertigo, especially if there is any accompanying tinnitus, decrease in hearing, or a clogged feeling in the ears, don’t skip the visit to the ENT (otolaryngologist). Your physician should ensure that no underlying medical condition is present.

For vestibular weaknesses, therapy may be recommended to strengthen this important sense.

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Just an audiologist trying to share useful information and personalize the process of achieving better hearing- no matter what stage of life you are in. I'm a daughter, granddaughter, wife and mother, which shapes my outlook on healthcare and life. Feel free to pick my brain :)

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