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Baseball Lessons on Hearing Well

“As soon as I hear the sound of the bat, I know where the ball is going” -Melvin Mora, Baltimore Orioles
It’s known that baseball players rely on the sound of the bat as it connects with the ball to guide their instincts on whether to race out or run in.
With normal hearing, we do this every day without realizing: we rely on fine cues in the sound around us to orient ourselves in space, turning to the direction of the important conversation, or moving away from something dangerous that is approaching.
This ability to “localize” is just another way that good hearing allows us to interact with the world around us. Now, grab your hearing protection for the game and batter up! 🙂 


Just an audiologist trying to share useful information and personalize the process of achieving better hearing- no matter what stage of life you are in. I'm a daughter, granddaughter, wife and mother, which shapes my outlook on healthcare and life. Feel free to pick my brain :)

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